In order to keep members engaged under the current circumstances, the club is providing some workshops! All workshops will be conducted virtually, with one meeting each week.

Currently, the club is running these workshops: (November 9 18~ December 7)

*The workshop has been postponed to next week.

  • Coding for VEX with VEXcode Pro V5 (Wednesday @ 2 PM)
  • Basics of using 3D modeling software and 3D Designing (Saturday @ 1 PM)
  • Gadget building with Arduino (Sunday @ 2 PM, the signup form is already closed)

If you are interested in joining these workshops, please register using the button below! Contact our officers if you have any questions or issues.

Future workshops (dates undetermined):

  • Advanced Python
  • Creating a Website by HTML and CSS

Prospective workshops (depending on interest):

  • Introduction to Java
  • How to build a VEX robot and technics of building one.

Past Workshops:

  • Basic Python
  • Design VEX Robot with CAD

Here are some materials that are available from the past workshops. Please email us, in order to receive the link.

  • Videos for Design VEX Robot with CAD
  • List of links to VEX tool kits for fusion 360
  • Slides that we used during workshops

If you have any requests or questions, please contact Tarang Lunawat, Head of Education, or Ryoto Kato, Co-President.