Branham Robotics

Competition Teams A & B at the 2022 Bellarmine Vex Competition

We are the Branham High School robotics team, AKA the Bionic Bruins.

The Bionic Bruins are a competitive robotics team located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We introduce high-school students to the world of engineering and design through VEX Robotics.

Located at Branham High School in San Jose, California, the Bionic Bruins was founded in 2013 and has grown ever since. The dedication by students and staff alike have continued to inspire students to discover robotics.

Rooted in mechanical engineering and computer science, we provide our members with life-long problem solving skills and engineering knowledge. The Branham Robotics Club is an organization dedicated to bringing robotics to those who would never experience it otherwise- whether they are high school students or young children. Along with our competitions, we take pride in reaching out to other local schools and inspiring a life-long love of engineering in underserved and young students.