The Bionic Bruins are a primarily student-run organization. Every year, club members elect new leaders to manage the club.

Jin Cho
President – c/o 2025

Anvit Mishra
Co-President – c/o 2025

Zoya Brahimzadeh

Secretary – c/o 2025

Cooper Dalton

Treasurer – c/o 2024

Andrew Goldberg

Director of Outreach – c/o 2023

Michelle La

Director of Fundraising – c/o 2025

Rachel Lee

Co-Director of Organization – c/o 2023

Cindy Kim

Co-Director of Organization – c/o 2024

Akilan Babu

Co-Director of Education – c/o 2023

Matt Fellenz

Co-Director of Education – c/o 2024

Alli Wang

Logistics Manager – c/o 2023


Mrs. Schremp
Engineering and math

Mr. Radlinsky
Physics and Engineering

Historical leadership can be viewed here