Hackathon Overview 2023

Sandwich Prize – T.O.A.S.T: Hacking Trees – Elise Picard, Elise Katayama, Cierra Yu, Michelle Xie

This is our project, TOAST, an acronym for Task Organization And Study Tool! Everything you need for productivity, sandwiched into one program. We realized a big issue for teens is procrastination so we made a website with multiple resources to help teens have more control over their time management. That way they break the habit early so it doesn’t affect their life in adulthood as well.

Honorable Mention – Spotify Machine Learning Music Recommender: Ishita Samadhiya

This project uses a multi-feature K means clustering (machine learning model) approach to generate recommendations based off of your favorite songs. This model uses more features that even Spotify to get the best recommendations possible and lets you run the model more than once based on which song you want your recommendations to be like. It also connects to Spotify to be able to search for any song on Spotify with included visualizations to make it more understandable. 

3rd Place – Chess Gif: Kevin Toren, Dristi Roy, Sahil Ghosalkar

Chess Gif allows you to create social-media friendly summaries of your best chess moments

2nd Place – Speechwich AI: Ranjith Squad – Prashanth Vaid, Yash Seth, and Arnav Aggarwal

Speechwich AI is a dedicated tool meant to aid the teenage population that are aiming to improve their level of speech in foreign languages. SpeechwichAI is an AI bot you can interact with through a microphone and help the person with their speech skills. They can talk in different languages like Spanish, English, French, and more. The AI bot rates your speech and provides the toxicity level, grammar level, and gives feedback on how to improve your speech. There are many topics where you can talk with the bot giving it a very broad scope and lots of practical applications.

1st Place – Kronos: Code Connoisseurs – Alexander Bonev, Gene Iwasaki, Vidhyuth Venugopal, Sreyas Prabu

Kronos is productivity app that manages your time for you. Through the use of supabase user authentication along with Canvas API, Kronos creates a unique personalized planner filled with a student’s assignments each day. After a brief calibration sequence, where each assignment is given an estimated time until completion, Kronos formulates a schedule based on a prioritization algorithm revolving around the deadline of an assignment, the student’s grade in a class, and the amount of possible points for the assignments. Users are able to declare when they are busy via natural language through the use of OpenAI GPT 3.5 Turbo API, which adds events to the planner based off of simplistic descriptions. At the top of the website is a timeline that provides users a visual representation of how far along they are with their work. Through these various functionalities, Kronos improves productivity by making time management smarter and easier for everyone.

The Branham Robotics 4th annual Hackathon will take place Sunday, March 26th in Branham Highschool’s cafeteria. We are open to any highschool student of any programming skill level. The event is free and both lunch and dinner will be provided thanks to our generous corporate sponsors and Branham PTSA.

The hackathon is an all day event which will take place from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. Participants will work in teams with 2 – 4 members to create and submit a product based on a prompt provided at the competition. Projects will be judged and winning teams will receive prizes. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced coding workshops will be hosted at the start of the day. Limited spots are available so sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot!

Yes! As of March 19th, any high school student from the area can participate
Yes, it will be hosted in the Branham Highschool Cafeteria
Yes! The event is entirely free and participants will receive lunch, dinner, and snacks free of charge
Yes! We will help you find a team on the day of the event
Yes! Thanks to our sponsors we have prizes valued over $1000
The event is accessible to everyone.  There will be a workshop suitable for beginners who haven’t coded before
The event will be Sunday, March 20th from 9:00am to 9:30pm in the Branham Highschool cafeteria

If you have any questions or can provide any sort of help please contact me at andrew@bionicbruins.org

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