Blu’s Hacks 2024

The 5th annual Branham Hackathon will take place Sunday, March 24th in Branham High School’s cafeteria. We are open to any middle or high school student of any programming skill level. The event is free with three provided meals thanks to our generous corporate sponsors and Branham PTSA.

The hackathon is an all day event which will take place from 8 am to 10 pm. Doors will open at 7:30 am for check in. Participants will work in teams with 2 – 4 members to create and submit a product based on a prompt provided at the beginning of the competition. Projects will be judged and winning teams will receive prizes. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced coding workshops will be hosted at the start of the day. In the evening, we will also have cybersecurity capture the flag challenges with its own prizes. There are limited spots are available so sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot!

Tentative Schedule

08:00AM – Doors Open & Check In Begins

08:30AM – Welcome Ceremony & Challenge is announced

09:00AM – Workshops

10:30AM – Project Time! & Brunch

12:00PM – Lunch

05:00PM – Dinner

07:45PM – Submission Due & Cybersecurity CTF Begins

08:45PM – Cybersecurity CTF Awards Cermeony – Parents Welcome!

09:00PM – Overall Awards Ceremony with Keynote Speakers – Parents Welcome!

Yes, it will be hosted in the Branham High School Cafeteria
Yes! The event is entirely free and participants will receive brunch, lunch, dinner, and snacks free of charge
Yes! We will help you find a team on the day of the event. Please arrive when doors open so there is enough time to do so.
Yes! Thanks to our sponsors we have both cash prizes and other prizes valued over $30k
The event is accessible to everyone.  There will be workshops suitable for both beginners and people with experience
The event will be Sunday, March 24th from 7:30am to 8:30pm in the Branham Highschool Cafeteria. We will send the most up to date information through email a couple days before the event to those who signed up


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