6374A is the VRC’s code for the Bionic Bruins, the robotics organization at Branham High School in San Jose. Attracting a wide variety of members across the school, the club is mostly student-run with two faculty advisors: Mrs. Schremp and Mr. Ray. Students work together to brainstorm, design, build, and program a robot to score the most points in a competition set out by the VRC each year.

Support Us for Worlds!

The Bionic Bruins divide their over 25 active members into two competition teams: the A and B teams. Both teams, although often working collaboratively to combine their knowledge and specialties, develop individual robots that compete at regional competitions against other teams. This year, that competition involved firing discs into baskets (To learn more about this year’s competition, go to the VRC page).

But they’ve had to work hard to get there. Starting in the summer of last year, they first had to design their robot from scratch. They developed a strong and unique frame using VEX-approved metal channels, screws, gears, and more according to those designs, but they constantly had to redesign and adapt to new challenges and problems. Then, they attached special components required to accomplish this competition’s task: a flywheel to fire discs, motors/wheels to drive, pneumatics to fire several pistons around the bots, and important functions. After lots of fine-tuning, calibration, and testing, both teams finally started attending competitions. This year, both teams went to 6 competitions across the Bay Area, and both teams scored high and did well. Through the years, the Bionic Bruins have won several Tournament Champion Awards, Excellence Awards, and Judges Awards.

But competitions aren’t the only way to get to these higher competitions. Both teams also competed in various challenges and online competitions, and one of these competitions got the A team to worlds.

However, the World Competition in Dallas isn’t cheap. Neither is anything else relating to VEX. In order to send 17 people to Dallas, it would cost around $18,000 in total. The registration fee alone is $1,200, and the Bionic Bruins also have to pay for things like flights, rooming, meals, gas, and more. While the club can contribute some, and the members can contribute some more, it will still require substantial donations in order to fund fully.

These donations are tax-deductible. In order to donate, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Branham High School Web Store (
  2. Scroll down and find Robotics Donation
  3. Click View Details, and enter your name, email address, and donation amount (USD) on the input boxes on the right side of the screen
  4. Click Add to Cart (it will notify you that the donation has been added to cart), and go to your cart by clicking Cart on the top right of the screen
  5. Make sure the cart is correct; the donation amount of your donation should be correct, and it should be a Robotics Donation
  6. Click Purchase, and enter your card/PayPal details; click Submit when you are done

The website will email a receipt of your donation to the email address you entered. Save this receipt. In order to get a tax receipt, email, and send your name, email address, and tax receipt. You should receive a tax receipt from that email later; 

this receipt can be used to deduct taxes. Also, use this Tax ID: #94-2239786.

So from all of us in the Bionic Bruins, thank you for your contribution! No matter how much you donate, it will help us achieve our dreams of competing at Worlds. Thank you!


6374A Bionic Bruin’s Worlds Team