STEAM Nights

Throughout September and October, the Bionic Bruins visited elementary schools in the area in order man STEAM Nights put on by the Union elementary school district. This allowed us to expose students to the world of robotics and spark an interest in engineering at an early age.


Here at the Bionic Bruins, we know the importance of giving kids a chance to interact with robots. With the growing importance of tech jobs, students need to be comfortable with technology and curious about new concepts.


Even though most of the students had never touched a robot before, they were quick to learn. Even those who were a little unsure at first rose quickly to the occasion, with smiles spreading across their faces as they navigated robots around the room.

Other students built their own robots with the help of Bionic Bruins members– and more than one parent asked, “When can my child do this again?”

Training Day

On Friday, September 7th, we held out first training day for new members! During the meeting, freshmen went to different stations to learn the basics of working with Vex.


Incoming members learned how to run a simple program through a VEX cortex. President William Gardner, above, taught best wiring practices


Other new members brushed up on their documentation skills with an engineering notebook focused activity. They practiced isometric drawing, then learned about the engineering design process, while studying how to properly write a notebook entry.


Of course, no training day is complete without building, and there was plenty of that. Co-President Eliana Bower taught new members how to use a few common tools. The freshmen attempted to construct a simple frame in order to learn about different types of screws and nuts.

Club Rush

To drive club sign ups, Branham High School hosts “Club Rush” where all the clubs of the school advertise themselves and sell food.

Bionic Bruins continued their tradition of selling nachos, and garnered almost 40 sign ups.


Turning Point

The VEX 2018-19 season competition was recently announced with the release of the annual promo video. This year: “Turning Point.” Teams compete in a series of technical challenges involving disk flipping, ball shooting, plus a low-key robot wars scramble for limited parking space near the end of the clock.