2022-23 Robotics Presidential Candidates

Thank you so much for participating in our Robotics Election. Be sure to check your personal email to vote via ElectionBuddy. Here are the candidates’ campaigns for this year’s election!

Anvit Mishra

Hi, I’m Anvit Mishra! I am an incoming junior and part of the class of 2025. This past year, I was the Co-President of the club and prioritized on managing the competition teams. I was also apart of B team this past year. I love to bake, cook, and sleep.

Let’s get into my campaign goals when I become the president/co-president of robotics next year. One of my main goals this year is to host a competition at Branham for the upcoming season. I have already been contacting teams such as Redwood Robotics, Bellarmine, and Dougherty Valley High School to donate fields for this competition. This competition would be able to allow us to gain over 5000 dollars. Our club would be able to buy many more things that are crucial for robotics and would even be able to compete so much more(3-4 competitions per semester)! This is something I feel that I am able to do because I have run events before in the past year as Robotics co-president, and will be able to create a guideline that can help the club run these competitions in the future. This year had some issues with Outreach specifically, I want to fix them. If elected I would propose to have a separate membership fee for outreach members to make it so that we would not only gain a lot of members but encourage them to learn more about robotics even if they don’t want to compete. Some other things I would try to focus on, is allocating and guiding teams through VEX online challenges to different teams. This not only will allow teams to get a direct entry to states but, allow them to get things such as VEX gift cards that will help the club as a whole.

Minchan Shin

I’m a sophomore who loves engineering and programming. I’m up for trying out new programming languages like Python, Java, PHP, C++, etc. Whenever I find something that interests me, I get absorbed in it – I’ve been known to drop everything to work on it. I’m also a known problem-solver and leader.

My platform for the Robotics Club presidency is simple: I want to help us reach our full potential. As club president, my goal is to get all of our teams into Worlds by organizing education days to teach basic building and programming concepts. With our club’s resources, including flex wheels, sensors, and motors, I have no doubt that every member can build a bot that can take us to the top.

But we can’t achieve our goals without access to a proper field, so I will work to secure a space for us to test our bots and work on new strategies. This will be a top priority for me as your president.

Furthermore, I want to increase our outreach events and secure sponsorships from companies that share our passion for robotics. By showcasing our talent and achievements, we can inspire others to get involved in STEM and robotics. Partnering with these companies will also give us access to more resources and opportunities to take our club to the next level.

Lastly, I want to emphasize that I care about this club and all of its members. I’m not running for president to boost my resume for college applications, but because I believe in all of us and want to see us succeed. I’m willing to put in the time and effort to help us reach our goals.

Together, we can use our talent, resources, and time to make our club the best it can be.

Michelle La

 As club officer and the current captain of A Team, I’ve put in considerable time and effort into all aspects of robotics, and I want to continue onto leading the club into greater reaches of success.

As an active member of the Bionic Bruins, I believe that the best possible improvement to the club is making it more accessible to everyone. Robotics can be intimidating to newcomers, and I want to make sure that all the necessary materials are available for anyone wanting to improve their skills. I will work on creating comprehensive guides and tutorials that break down the more challenging aspects of planning and building robots into easy-to-understand modules. 

In addition to Education Days, I also want to set up more hands-on workshops that allow people to learn from more experienced members. 

This will be done by the compilation of tips and tricks contributed by all members of the club, with a database detailing all the best techniques and practices we’ve discovered through our experiences. 

By creating a more streamlined process for beginners to learn how to build robots, I hope to encourage more people to join without feeling intimidated by the knowledge gap. 

I will also restart the Outreach team to allow for participation without having to join a competitive team. Like in past years, the Outreach team will be responsible for organizing robotics events separate from VRC, including school visits, fundraisers, and recreational building. 

Without the pressure of building purely for competition or being forced to play catch-up to other members, I believe that an active Outreach team and a comprehensive robotics guide will encourage more potential members to participate in a low-stress setting, creating a more inclusive environment as a whole.

Jin Cho

Hi! My name is Jin and I’m the current president. I am now a sophomore, and I first joined robotics in the beginning of my freshman year and really enjoyed it. A fun fact about me is that I like birds, and one of my favorites is a round bird called montezuma quail!

All I have wanted for this club since I joined was to help it improve. When I first became a member, I did not expect to become as heavily involved in robotics like I am now. I hope to continue to try my best and make the club a more enjoyable space for everyone. To do so, I want to focus on establishing a yearly schedule, creating more opportunities for new members to join, and making it easier to participate in both competition and outreach activities to ensure the long term success of the Bionic Bruins. For the yearly schedule, I want to make a clear and consistent general schedule for future presidents to base their activities off of. It will serve as a checklist and guidelines to make sure needed parts are stocked, we go to enough competitions, enough funds are in our account, and more. This schedule will be accessible for all members to view, and it will help create more understanding behind the officers’ actions and choices. In addition to a yearly schedule, I want to rethink how we approach our member onboarding. This year, we gave up quickly when the competition season began. If we continue throughout the first semester and have an easy-to-join-low-commitment outreach team, I believe more members will join. In conclusion, I believe that introducing these changes will establish a more stable and successful future for our club.