2021 – 2022 Robotics Presidential Candidates

Junsang Lee

Akilan Babu

Vote Akilan for Robotics President!
A summary of my platform:
-everyone can compete
-education for new members
-sharing ideas with outside teams

Allison Wang

Hello! I’m Allison, a current sophomore and secretary of Bionic Bruins. I want to run for club President because I believe I have the passion and dedication to lead this club! Under my platform I hope to increase team building and more events, and increase funding, education, and outreach so we could both fund for more competitions and events so that all members will have the opportunity to compete, along with making education more accessible to everyone. I plan to emphasize inclusivity through having more team building events and focused build days, passing as much knowledge towards new members as possible through building the wiki and accessible workshops in meetings, and passing down our knowledge to outreach towards younger elementary/middle school students to both fundraise and spread the passion for STEM. I also hope to be as inclusive as possible, so I hope to strengthen our teams as much as possible. So clamp πŸ—œ down your vote for Allison to gear βš™οΈ up for an amazing Robotics season, and next year will be programmed πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» for success! πŸ˜€

Vinidu Geevaratne

Hello Robotics club members. My name is Vinidu Geevaratne and I’m running for the position of robotics club president. I have been in the Robotics Club for three years, serving as the Media Manager and Secretary during that time. Many of our current club members have not yet worked with Vex Robotics kit and due to this don’t have some of the necessary skills required to compete. I wish to change this by dedicating a few advanced members to aiding the newer members with dedicated teaching build days in the first few weeks of the robotics season. In order to buy new parts, fund more teams, and enter competitions I want to work with the fundraising committee to create larger fundraisers on campus. Being more active on campus allows us to spread our name, and recruit more members. Thank You.

James Gardner

Through my experience as president this year, I really think I have the skills and strengths to bring robotics back stronger than ever next year with fun events and competitive teams!

Arnav Chebrolu

Hi! My name is Arnav Chebrolu and I’m running for Robotics Club President for the 2021-2021 school year. I really love Robotics Club simply due to the idea of meeting people that share the same interests as you. I really hope that I can provide a welcoming atmosphere and experience for all members of the club in the future. I also have some fresh ideas I would like to explore in terms of team bonding and fundraising which I hope you agree with. I really hope you identify with my overall mindset and ideas and consider voting for me as Robotics Club President. Thank you and have a great day!!