Winter Wishes

The Winter Wishes is an annual Branham tradition in which leadership grants wishes requested by students throughout the winter months. Throughout the weeks running up until finals small wishes are granted, such as having cookies or donuts delivered to class, but the larger wishes are saved for the Winter Wishes rally.

This year, students wished for the recognition of our club advisors, Mrs. Schremp and Mr. Turner, due to the time and effort that they contribute to our club. At the rally they were recognised with a video put together by the club and leadership, along with flowers and a gift card.

The ceremony ended with leadership granting a $600 cheque to the Bionic Bruins in order to help cover club expenses.

To learn more about Winter Wishes, check out the NBC Bay Area article about the event.

Bellarmine Vex Tourney

A, B, X, and G teams participated in a competition hosted at Bellarmine College Preparatory on November 17th. All teams are now applying what they learned from this competition in order to improve and update their robot in preparation for the next competition.

Club Rush

To drive club sign ups, Branham High School hosts “Club Rush” where all the clubs of the school advertise themselves and sell food.

Bionic Bruins continued their tradition of selling nachos, and garnered almost 40 sign ups.


Turning Point

The VEX 2018-19 season competition was recently announced with the release of the annual promo video. This year: “Turning Point.” Teams compete in a series of technical challenges involving disk flipping, ball shooting, plus a low-key robot wars scramble for limited parking space near the end of the clock.