2020 Branham Winter Hackathon

The 2020 Branham Winter Hackathon took place on February 2nd. Thank you to all who participated! We saw some wonderful creations, especially given the fact that many participants had never coded before.

We had middle and high schoolers participate from Branham and Dartmouth, most of whom had little or no coding experience. Yet, in just eight hours, all had functioning websites or apps, addressing very real problems from study skills to student mental health, in line with the hackathon’s theme of education.

After participating in educational sessions taught by Branham students Will and James Gardner, the participants grouped into teams of four to five and began hacking.

Students built a program to analyze emails for hurtful content, a quiz game for elementary schoolers, and a website that locates tutors among other projects, which they presented to a panel of expert judges.

We look forward to holding this event again in the future, so check back periodically for future dates!

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