“BattleBots” Birthday Party!

Last Saturday, the Bionic Bruins hosted a local eight year old’s robotics themed birthday party. Our team created an open ended, engineering focused activity that encouraged kids to build, learn, and play.

Playing with the VEX robots

We started off by dividing the kids into three equal groups, then gave each of them a pre-built, basic wheelbase. After driving around and testing out the robot, the kids quickly realized they could modify their robots to look cooler- and be more effective in battle. Using the provided assortment of VEX parts, the teams took all their robots in different directions.

A view of the party

Some teams focused on adding armor to their robots. Other groups picked a more offensive strategy. They built rams and outcroppings onto their robots, with the help of the Bionic Bruins team.

Finally, after they finished building, it was time to battle! The kids got really excited about getting an opportunity to face each other, battle royale style, in the arena our team set up.

Overall, this event went great and we’re excited about hosting more parties in the future. Schedule a robot party here!

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